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Room Reservation and Keys

1106 Etcheverry Hall

  • Capacity - 20
  • Who can use the room - faculty/staff, students with permission for dept-related activities
  • Equipment - LCD projector available for check out in room 4153
  • Notes - no cell phone reception, book research group meetings here

4101 Etcheverry Hall

  • Capacity - 12
  • Who can use the room - faculty/staff, students with permission for dept-related activities
  • Equipment - LCD, conference call
  • Notes - book dept official meetings here

How to Reserve

Once you have determined which room is available, please email Christina Castellanos and copy Hanna Lorica hlorica19@bekeley to make a reservation.

You can also request rooms directly through your BCal:

  • Log into
  • On your own calendar, begin to create an event as you normally would
  • Click "Edit event"
  • On the right side of the window, click the "Rooms, etc." link under Add.
  • Type in "Etch" to limit it to our building.  Be sure that the "Show only available" box is checked! 
  • Click "Add" next to the room you want.  Please note, Nuclear Engineering only owns 4101 and 1106.  Please do not try to book other rooms in the building.
  • Configure the rest of your event settings. We recommend that you do not invite your guests until after your event has been confirmed by the room scheduler. Click "Save."

Your proposed event will appear on the room calendar but THE BOOKING WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE EMAIL FROM THE ROOM SCHEDULER APPROVING YOUR EVENT. The confirmation e-mail will be sent to your email address.

If your event will be in the evening or over a weekend, please check out any necessary keys from 4153 Etch by 3:45 pm the weekday of the event (for weekends come on Friday). In any event, please return furniture to its original layout and as much as possible leave the room the way you found it (i.e., wipe down tables, throw away trash, etc.).


Key Deposits and Fees: Deposits and Fees are payable by check or money order only made out to "UC Regents".  We unfortunately cannot take cash or credit cards. 

Physical Keys: Deposit is $20 and is refundable

After Hours Building Access: Etcheverry Hall is closed from 7pm - 7am, Monday through Friday and on weekends and holidays.

Fee is $10 per semester for up to two semesters at a time.  This is not refundable.  After-hours building access requires approval from your supervisor/faculty mentor.

For physical keys and building card key access

KEY HOURS: 9am - 11am Tuesday - Friday

Please see Christina Castellanos in Room 4153 for keys or key card access to Etcheverry Hall

For key card access to 1110 A,B,C and 1140

Please see Alan Bolind in 4163 Etcheverry for access to these laboratories.  Access to labs requires faculty approval and safety training.  

Alan has key card hours on Tuesdays from 9am -12pm.  Please let Alan know you will be coming by.  His email address is: