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Nuclear Materials and Chemistry


This area of study focuses of the materials degradation in nuclear environments be it fission, fusion or accelerators.  In a broad sense the study focuses on any type of material in a harsh environment as it can be found in nuclear applications and other extreme applications. Structural materials for nuclear applications their fabrication, deployment, and degradation are a main focus at UCB NE department while also evaluating nuclear fuel forms and extended components. Radiation damage in materials is of as much concern as the materials interaction with its environment such as the medium it is exposed to and temperature.

  • Atom Probe Tomography measurements on MA957 irradiated in a fast neutron spectrum to 109dpa at 412°C
    Student: Nathan Bailey

  • In-situ micro compression testing on ion beam irradiated steel
    Students: Amanda Lupinacci, Ashley Reichardt and Hi Tin-Vo

  • SiC fibers pushed out from a SiC matrix in SiC/SiC composites
    Student: David Krumwiede

  • Micro bend bar testing on oxide layers grown at high temeprature in harsh environment.
    Students: Scott Parker and David Frazer

  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy image of an oxide particle in the ODS alloy MA957.
    Student: Nathan Bailey in collaboration with Jim Cistron from NCEM

  • Liquid Lead-Bismuth Eutectic penetration in steel causing cracking.
    Student: David Frazer


Faculty with research focus in this area:

Department Chair
Associate Professor
4151 Etcheverry Hall

Staff Researcher
4157 Etcheverry

Professor Emeritus
James Fife Chair in Engineering
4105 Etcheverry Hall