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Karl A. van Bibber

Department Chair
4151 Etcheverry Hall
Additional Affiliation: 

Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering
University of California, Berkeley


Ph.D.  Physics, MIT (1976)    
Ph.D. Thesis – “Study of the Gamma Deexcitation Following Deep Inelastic Scattering of  16O with27Al”  (Advisor – Stephen G. Steadman)
B.S. Physics and Mathematics, MIT (1972)

Teaching and Research: 

Nuclear physics in high energy density plasmas; Axion experiments and dark-matter searches; plasma-based neutron sources and accelerators; antineutrino reactor monitoring.

Areas of Interest: 

Nuclear Physics; Particle Physics; Particle Astrophysics; Nuclear Instrumentation; Accelerator Science & Technology

Honors and Awards: 

Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement for Science
Navy Superior Civilian Service Award (2012)
Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2007)
“Karl van Bibber Physics Postdoctoral Research Fellowships” endowed at Stanford University
Elected APS Fellow 2001
DOE Deputy Secretary’s Award for the B Factory, on behalf of the LLNL team,  (2000)
LLNL S&T Award, with BaBar team for discovery of CP-violation in the B-Meson System (2002)
LLNL Director’s Distinguished Performance Award for the B Factory (1997)
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (1982)
Phi Beta Kappa (1972)


Professional Activities: 

HEPAP (2015-2018)
University of Florida, Nuclear Engineering Review Committee (2017)
Chair, University of Illinois, NPRE Department Review Committee (2014)
FESAC Strategic Planning Subcommittee (2014)
Chair, Nuclear & Particles Futures Capability Review, LANL (2014)
Search Committee, LLNL Director (2014)
Member, Board of Directors, John & Fannie Hertz Foundation (2011-2014)
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Selection Committee (2006–2017)
Member, Board of Directors, US-Singapore Temesek Defence Sciences Institute (2009-2012)
Edward Teller Centennial Symposium, Chair, Organizing Committee (2008)
Executive Committee, Amer. Phys. Soc., CA-NV Section (2008-2011), Chair (2010)
European Commission VIth & VIIth Framework Program Expert Panel (2002-pres)
National Science Foundation review panels, multiple (2000-present)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Directorate Review Committees, multiple (2012-2014)
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Capability Review Panels, multiple (2002-2014)
Member, Editorial Board, The SLAC Beam Line (1997-2000)
Member, Board of Directors, Wang NMR, Inc. (1997- 2002)
Member, SLAC Users Organization Executive Committee (1990-1993)
Chairman, Executive Committee, LBNL 88” Cyclotron Users Group (1983-1985)
Phi Beta Kappa Executive Council, Stanford Univ. (1983-1985, President 1984-1985)
APS Division of Nuclear Physics Program Committee (1980-1982)


Selected Publications: 

Published more than 150 peer-reviewed articles, edited three books, awarded one patent.

Additional Info: 

Previous M.S. & Ph.D. students

Prof. Keith Griffioen                  (Ph.D. 1984)               Chair, Department of Physics, College of  William & Mary
Dr. Peter Countryman (Ph.D. 1988) Synarc, San Francisco
Dr. S. Darin Kinion (Ph.D. 2001) Nucl. & Part. Phys. Div., Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab
Dr. Cameron Bates (Ph.D. 2015)   Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dr. Lucas Brouwer (Ph.D. 2015) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
ENS Austin Lo (M.S.   2015) US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program
Mr. Jaben Root (M.S.   2016)  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Patricia Schuster (Ph.D. 2016) University of Michigan
Dr. David Weisz (Ph.D. 2016) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Cory Waltz (Ph.D. 2016) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Alexandra Asghari   (Ph.D. 2016)  Exponent, Inc.
Dr. Albert Yuen (Ph.D. 2016) San Francisco startup




















Current doctoral students

Mauricio Ayllon Unzueta, Fumika Isono, Saad Al Kenany, Laurence Lewis, Samantha Lewis, Nnaemeka Nnamani, Maria Simanovskaia